Good Humor® Trucks

Good Humor® bars have been sold out of everything from tricycles to push carts to trucks. Take a look at how they’ve evolved over the years…
  • In 1920 Burt outfitted a fleet of twelve street vending trucks with freezers and bells from which to sell his creation. The first set of bells came from his son’s bobsled.

  • A Good Humor® plant opened in Chicago in 1929. The mob demanded $5,000 in protection money, which was refused, so they destroyed part of the Chicago fleet.

  • Good Humor® sold its fleet of vehicles in 1976 to focus on selling in grocery stores. Some of the trucks were purchased by ice cream distributors and others were sold to individuals. The trucks sold for $1000 - $3000 each. 

  • Eventually, Good Humor® trucks were equipped with “Stop” swing arm signs to reduce pedestrian accidents.