Creamsicle Bar 6 Count
Creamsicle Bar

Creamsicle Bar

With just 100 calories per bar, this is a classic ice cream on a stick dessert that you can enjoy without guilt, and share with your kids and grand kids knowing it's the real thing, from a name you can trust. Featuring the same original taste created by Good Humor, this original ice cream bar is a great choice for those who like fudgesicles, ice pops and other dairy desserts — and promises to tickle your taste buds even if you usually indulge in more premium ice creams.

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  • Good Humor Creamsicle Ice Cream Bars are a classic treat for ice cream lovers big and small.
  • Made with rich, creamy low-fat vanilla-flavored ice cream and orange-flavored sherbet for an irresistible combination.
  • Each ice cream bar is wrapped separately on comes on a stick, making this a frozen snack that's easy to enjoy, anytime anywhere.
  • With its same original taste, this ice cream bar is a kid-friendly favorite and a great option for those who like frozen desserts like ice pops, fudgesicles, fudge bars and other fun classics.
  • With just 100 calories per creamsicle, this frozen dessert is the perfect size for after dinner, or to cool off on a hot day.
  • Good Humor has always been known for its irresistible frozen treats. Try the rest of our ice cream truck favorites and discover new additions to the ice cream truck.

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